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Studio Visits & Consultations

If you're interested in either setting up a studio visit or scheduling a phone call or zoom call to discuss a particular painting, please fill out the form below. Both studio visits and zoom calls are no pressure ways to learn more about my available paintings. I understand that purchasing art online can sometimes be daunting, and you may have questions or hesitations. That's why I offer these options to provide a more personalized experience for you.

Here are a few reasons why you might want to request this service:

  • You're hesitant to buy online and prefer to see a particular painting in person, examining its details up close or observing it in specific lighting.

  • You're having trouble deciding between two pieces and feel that seeing them in person may help you make a choice.

  • You have questions about size and logistics, such as whether a specific piece would fit in a particular space in your home.

  • You want to discuss payment plans or alternative payment methods.

  • You want to select multiple pieces for your home or business and would like to see how they look together in the same space.

  • You want to connect with me and learn more about the process of creating the piece or what inspired it.

Request a Consult 

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